Platform with AI assessment

We are engaged in the purchase of used housing and the sales of used detached housing and renovated used housing through our unique platform KAITRY.

KAITRY deals with housing for purchase and selling, including used condominiums in urban areas, as well as new and used detached housing in rural areas. Based on the service concept of supplying residences according to the housing conditions of each region, we conduct our business nationwide with a focus on major cities.

With our unique AI assessment model, KAITRY responds to the various needs of the many stakeholders involved in real estate transactions. Information regarding real estate sellers and buyers, real estate brokerage companies as professionals in the field, and general clients are all accumulated on a platform, and by expanding the transactions, we aim to vitalize the rehabilitation market for used housing.


  • To Sell

    To sell
    Our housing purchase service responds to the various needs of real estate property owners, such as the immediate purchase of residences, sales and leaseback, forward-dated purchase guarantees, and co-investment sales.
  • To Purchase

    To Purchase
    We sell real estate properties focusing on renovated housing owned by the property technologies group.
  • To Search

    To Search
    Our search service covers information on over 100,000 condominiums and 6.39 million rooms.
  • Membership

    Membership program
    We have a membership program. The main users are clients who have sold or purchased real estate through KAITRY.