The property technologies group is a real estate tech company aiming to achieve transformation in the real estate distribution business by leveraging technology. Our goal is to create a world where all people can choose their homes at any time, any number of times, and with ease.

The demand in the renovation market for used housing is expected to grow steadily in the future. The demand for our business is growing; the COVID-19 pandemic has increased people’s awareness towards housing due in part to remote working and other workforce trends. Going forward, our group will continue to grow and expand.

Business Description

  • Provision of technology solutions, etc. to housing-related subsidiaries and group companies
  • Management of subsidiaries and group companies

Group Companies

Our group companies are engaged in the renovation of used housing, as well as the construction of new detached houses on a national basis.
We are actively recruiting engineers.

Work Details

You will be in charge of advancing a platform being developed at the property technologies group, developing other products, and promoting DX (Digital Transformation). Join us in making real estate transactions smoother and more convenient centering on the reality * technology initiative.

You are expected to cooperate with other team members working on the product in the development stage. Your work details will range from not only developing some of the functions but also planning, developing, and operating the entire process.

for Sales, Construction, or Management positions

for Engineer, Designer, Director, or Marketing positions